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    "The true benefit of a trusted partner is that you are free to run your business, knowing that they are behind the scenes, quietly and consistently making things happen ...

    ... Needless to say, you have my unequivocal endorsement of Synerjix, who have ethically and competently handled Footstar's information management challenges"

    - President and CEO - Footstar Corporation (Kmart Footwear)

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    "Retail is a tough business and a successful national chain must rely on the efficiency and agility of its store systems for continued success ...

    ... Synerjix's exceptional team of technology and management professionals resolved a number of technical and operational challenges that we encountered from time to time"

    - Former Vice President - Kmart Corporation

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    "As the CIO of Footstar, I had the responsibility for the delivery of information systems and services for the $2.4 billion retailer ...

    ... Synerjix provided not only technical and design advice, but also business benefit advice and key services to support our relationship with our business partner of our largest division"

    - SVP/CIO, Footstar Corporation (Kmart Footwear)

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    "Synerjix has been given full oversight and development of one of our major service offerings - our client portal ...

    ... We have received positive feedback from our clients as to the look, feel and efficiency of this portal. At the same time we have found our employee productivity has increased 20 - 25%"

    - CFO - Detroit Based Telecommunications Firm

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        - Business Strategy & Technlogy Alignment
        - Business Software Development
        - Business Data Management & Analytics
        - Technology Leadership
        - HR Empowerment & Technical Staffing

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Image 02Synerjix Data Services

  • Data Management, Movement and Integration

  • Dashboards and Custom Reporting

  • Analytics and Decision Support Models

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Image 03Synerjix Managed Services (MSP)

  • Proven, Effective, Flexible Terms & Delivery Models

  • Agile Sourcing & Problem Solving Methodologies

  • Industry & Technology Specific Teams

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Image 01 Custom Software Development

  • Distributed Computing & Integrated Systems

  • Enhancing Productivity By Modernizing Legacy Systems

  • Cost Effective Delivery Modles

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Image 04Technology Leadership

  • Interim and/or Virtual CIO Services

  • Business and Technology Solutions Alignment

  • Vendor and Business Partner Liaison Services

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